Comic 11 - Handman Page 11
2nd Apr 2014, 9:00 AM in Handman
Handman Page 11
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Author Notes:
JohnnyV edit delete
Lo and behold the disk breaketh apart and outeth speweth(ed?) a demon of pure rule-breaking anti-government anarchy. What did I just say? I dunno. Anark has finally been revealed and what he can do hasn't really been shown. All we do know is he was trapped but not anymore!!! The reason: He clearly scared people doing who knows what. Also a bud of mine (his name is Kevin) showed me some cool pics from space and gave me the idea of using them in the night slices that Anark is creating... If anyone wants to guess what they probably are leave a comment, if you want... I'ma say what they are in the next page Author Comment. PS just search Chandra X-Ray Observatory.